Deleted Photo Video Recovery Android Mobile 100% Working Deleted File Recovery

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Recover deleted photos & videos in 2 min! Ultimate photo recovery tool 💯

With over 50 million downloads, Dumpster is the recycle bin for Android, the #1 utility to recover deleted photos. It’s a quick and efficient way to undelete files and recover recently deleted videos from a device or SD card. Data recovery has never been easier.

Accidentally deleted an important photo or video? No need to search for a dedicated photo recovery or recently deleted video recovery tool. With Dumpster, it all comes in one place – you can recover deleted videos, restore cloud back up photos, undelete recently deleted apps, and other files. Data and photo recovery in seconds! With flexible cloud storage, deep media discovery algorithms, and added security features. Instant video and photo recovery with Dumpster.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos


✔ Effortlessly backup your Android apps, media files & more.
✔ Instantly retrieve important files, recently deleted apps, photos, and videos.
✔ Deleted photo recovery tool – photo recovery with ease!
✔ Deleted video recovery, restore photos, or undelete any media.
✔ Internet connection is not required.
✔ No need to root your device.
✔ Backup photos and videos to cloud storage
✔ Lock screen capabilities
✔ Custom themes & designs
* Comes with a premium account.

Backup & file recovery📥

Backup & file recovery
Dumpster works precisely like a recycle bin for your phone! Once you’ve downloaded the app, it’ll automatically backup your recently deleted data without root privileges, allowing you to undelete files, restore photos, and recover deleted videos’ cloud back up It’s your one-stop shop when you need a deleted photo recovery tool, a handy app to recover videos, or a recycle bin in your pocket. Video, photo, any data file recovery – you name it. Dumpster does it all, the ultimate recycle bin for Android.

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Protect your media now to recover deleted photos later
Safeguard your photos, videos, and files with the help of Dumpster’s app lock functionality. You’ll be able to keep your media files safe from outside viewers and protect your Dumpster data with a 4 digit secure access code.

Instantly Restore Deleted Files 📂

Dumpster turns app restore into a breeze. Deleted apps and photo recovery are instantaneous and straightforward — enter your recycle bin, click on the app you wish to restore, and voila – it will instantly reappear on your device. cloud back up Dumpster provides backup for all deleted apps, images, videos, documents, and more. No matter what you need to recover, Dumpster can instantly restore it to your device.

Secure cloud storage
Free up valuable storage space on your device. Dumpster’s unlimited cloud storage is a premium feature enabling users to save all their recently deleted files. Dumpster premium users will enjoy the bonus of an ads-free experience, personalized themes, and app lock capabilities.

Recently deleted photo recovery Tool🛠️

We all have thought like this appear in our mind:
“How data and photo recovery works?”
“Is there a decent recently deleted photo recovery tool?”
“How to restore photos and recover deleted videos?”
“Is there a recycle bin app?”
“Which tool is the best for data recovery?” cloud back up That’s easy
Thankfully, with Dumpster, you can finally focus on something more substantial.

wait for Download Link few seconds 

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The freedom to make mistakes
Throughout its history, Dumpster became a default app for data recovery. Dumpster is so rich in features that it’s got a whole cloud back up set of nicknames from our amazing users: deleted video recovery app, recycle bin, photo backup app, deleted pictures recovery app, recently deleted photo recovery, or file recovery tool.

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Backup and restore photos recover 📥

Regardless of what you call it, once you install Dumpster, you receive a smart tool, which will help protect your valuable files, backup and restore photos, recover recently deleted videos or any other data!

Discover why Dumpster – Photo and Video Recovery Tool is the #1 solution for video and photo recovery.

💫What’s New features 🦋

And here we have more updates to further improve your experience.
✨ We have made the app even smaller which means it takes up less space on your device 🤓
✨ LOTS of bugs FIXES

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