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How to set Video Ringtone in call background

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Video set call Background

The Bitcoin Dialer Vyng app is a video caller ID and spam-blocking dialer app for Android with over 10 million users. It visualizes calls with videos, animations, stickers, and more, enhancing conversations and effectively blocking spam.

Users can earn free Bitcoin through the app, and it offers features such as visual caller ID, business caller ID, and powerful spam blocking. Vyng for Business significantly boosts answer rates and has been successfully used by companies like Zomato to improve customer engagement and brand trust.

Vyng is a free Android app that offers a unique combination of features, including:

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– Earning free Bitcoin for making calls you already make.

– Visualizing incoming calls with videos, animations, stickers, and more.

– Powerful spam blocking using a whitelist model based on billions of numbers.

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– Customizable caller ID with photos, videos, Bitmojis, stickers, and music.

– Enhancing business calls with logos, websites, reviews, and post-call experiences.

– Increasing business answer rates from 25% to 70%.

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– Choosing from various themes or customizing your own.

– Setting custom ringtones for each number to identify callers.

The app aims to revolutionize how people connect with each other and businesses by providing a more engaging and personalized calling experience while rewarding users with Bitcoin for their regular calling activity.

To use the Call background Dialer app, follow these steps:

Download the App: Visit the Google Play Store and download the app for free.

Installation: Install the app on your Android device.

Customize Caller ID: Choose a photo, video, Bitmoji, stickers, or music to personalize your caller ID when calling friends.

Earn Bitcoin: Make calls as you normally would and earn free Bitcoin for each call you make.

Spam Blocking:Benefit from powerful spam blocking using a whitelist model to ensure verified callers get through and spammers are blocked.

Business Features: If you are a business, leverage Vyng to enhance your caller ID, increase answer rates, and engage customers post-call for better interactions.

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how to set video call background

By following these steps, you can effectively use the Vyng app to enjoy its unique features and earn Bitcoin while making calls.

To set up a Bitcoin wallet with the Vyng app, follow these steps:

1. Download Vyng App

2. Create an Account:

– Open the app and create an account if you don’t have one already.

3. Navigate to Settings:

– Look for the settings option within the app.

4. Locate Bitcoin Wallet Setup:

– Find the section within the settings that allows you to set up your Bitcoin wallet.

5. Follow Instructions:

– Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Bitcoin wallet to the Vyng app.

6. Start Earning Bitcoin:

– Once your wallet is set up, start making calls with Vyng to earn Bitcoin rewards.

By setting up your Bitcoin wallet within the Vyng app, you can seamlessly earn Bitcoin rewards while enjoying the app’s calling features.

To redeem the Bitcoin you earn using the Vyng app, follow these steps:

Find Bitcoin Wallet: Locate the section pertaining to your Bitcoin wallet.

Connect Your Wallet: Follow the provided instructions to connect your external Bitcoin wallet to the Vyng app.

Check Earnings: Review your accumulated Bitcoin earnings within the app.

Initiate Withdrawal: Look for an option to withdraw or redeem your Bitcoin earnings to your connected wallet.

Complete Withdrawal: Confirm the withdrawal to transfer the Bitcoin from Vyng to your personal wallet.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly redeem the Bitcoin you earn through the Vyng app’s calling features and have it deposited into your own Bitcoin wallet.

Introducing Vyng, the revolutionary calling application that empowers users with unparalleled features.

⚡️ Default Call Mode:

Embark on a seamless calling experience by granting simple access to our app to manage your phone calls.

⚡️ Bitcoin ₿:

Unlock the potential to win up to 5,000 Satoshis of “SATS” (a fraction of a Bitcoin) by simply making at least one call every day through the Vyng app. Spin the Bitcoin wheel and seize your chance to accumulate digital wealth.

⚡️Create Caller ID:

Personalize your calling experience by adding a display image or video, along with a distinctive ringtone or music, to create a unique caller ID that will captivate your friends whenever you reach out.

✅ Tag a Call Reason 📲📞

Add a call reason to be displayed on your contact’s screen as their phone rings to let them know your reason for reaching out. For instance, “Just saying Hi!” or “Urgent!”

You have options to add a custom reason or disable the call reason—a small note that can make all the difference.

✅ Free Video Ringtone 🎶🎥

Add or edit music and video to create your video ringtone. This video plays whenever you receive calls. Change it as many times as you want for free.

✅ Suggest Caller ID 📸👤

Friends not yet on Vyng? Set a photo or video as their Caller ID profile. You and other friends will see this video whenever they call. They will receive an SMS inviting them to edit this content.

✅ Search Engine 🔍🔎

Look for contact names or numbers using this intelligent search engine for friends and businesses. You can even perform a reverse phone number lookup.

Want to earn even more Bitcoin? Invite a friend to join Vyng with your referral code. They will earn 500 SATS, and you will earn 500 SATS once they earn an additional 200 SATS.

Once you earn 1200 or more SATs, Vyng will send you Bitcoin to a free Bitcoin wallet. #Vyng #Crypto #EarnBitcoin

To check the current version of the Vyng app on Android:

Open the Vyng app on your Android device.

Go to the app’s settings or information page.

Look for the “Version” or “App Version” information, which will display the current version number you have installed.

For example, as of May 12, 2024, the latest version of Vyng for Android is 2.7.9. If you have an older version installed, you can update it by going to the Google Play Store, searching for “Vyng,” and tapping the “Update” button if available.


However, some key points about the app are:

Vyng is a unique dialer app for Android that allows users to earn Bitcoin by making calls. It has over 10 million downloads.

The app offers features like Caller ID, Spam Call Blocking, Video Caller ID, Ringtones, Calling Cards, and Call Messaging.

Wait for few seconds Download Link 

Users can earn up to 5,000 Satoshis (a fraction of a Bitcoin) per day by making at least one call and spinning the Bitcoin wheel.

Vyng is available for free on the Google Play Store.

The latest version as of May 12, 2024, is 2.7.9.

So while no explicit disclaimers are mentioned, the search results provide an overview of the app’s features, earning potential, and availability. Users should review the app’s privacy policy and terms of service for any disclaimers or limitations.

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