How to Enable HEART LED Notification icon Any Mobile

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Led Notification icons change

The  led Notification  app is designed for smartphones with AMOLED displays to create a virtual LED alert for notifications. Users can customize LED colors, animation time, position, and size, as well as select specific apps for notifications. To optimize functionality, users need to disable Ambient Display, grant notification access permission, and exempt the app from battery optimization settings.

The Premium version offers advanced settings such as modifying LED size. For MIUI 11 users, enabling AutoStart and lock screen permissions is crucial. The app ensures notifications are received only when needed, with a premium upgrade available for a complete experience.

led Notification has received positive feedback for its functionality, although some users express concerns about battery drain and potential burn-in issues on AMOLED displays.

led Notification  is a customizable notification LED app for Android devices with AMOLED displays, designed to replace physical LED notifications. It allows users to choose LED colors, animation time, position, and size, and select which apps to receive notifications from.

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The app also offers a premium version with additional features like LED size modification. To optimize functionality, users must disable Ambient Display and battery optimization, grant notification access, and ensure AutoStart is enabled for MIUI 11 devices. led Notification  also includes features like Downtime periods and burn-in protection.

led Notification is an innovative application that generates a virtual LED alert on devices with AMOLED displays, ensuring users are promptly notified of crucial notifications. The application simulates a notification LED against a black screen backdrop, replicating the conventional LED indicator.

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To ensure optimal functionality, it is essential to deactivate Ambient Display and exclude the software from any battery optimization configurations. Permission for notification access must be granted, and users can personalize notifications by selecting specific applications and assigning distinct colors to each.

The platform incorporates a range of additional features to enhance user experience, including customization of LED animation duration, selection from a spectrum of LED colors, adjustment of LED placement on the screen, and specification of alerts for missed calls.

The Premium version unlocks advanced settings, such as modification of LED size. led Notification  is accessible on Google Play, Autohide, and Uptown for Android 8.0 or higher.

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led Notification  offers a variety of customizable LED colors for notifications. Users can select a color for each app they want notifications from, with the text in which the app name is written changing to that color when successfully selected.

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The app also includes features such as changing LED animation time, position, and size, as well as notifying for missed calls. led Notification  premium version offers additional features such as LED size modification.

To change the LED position in led Notification  follow these steps:

⚡️Open the led Notification  app on your Android device.

⚡️Navigate to the settings or customization options within the app.

⚡️Look for the LED position setting.

⚡️Select the LED position option and choose the desired position for the LED notifications on your screen.

By following these steps, you can easily customize the LED position in led Notification  to suit your preferences

🌟To use led Notification , follow these steps:

🌟Install the app from Google Play.

🌟Disable any ambient display settings on your phone.

🌟Whitelist the app from Doze mode’s battery optimization settings.

🌟Enable the app’s Notification Listener service.

🌟Customize which apps you want to show the makeshift notification LED for.

It’s recommended to use this app on a phone with an OLED display to avoid the entire screen being lit up. The developer has implemented burn-in protection by occasionally shifting the area where the notification lighting appears.

Note that since the phone technically doesn’t sleep, you may experience idle battery drain. Some users report minimal drain while others report a lot. Visit the XDA thread to give feedback directly to the developer.

To customize the led Notification  settings, follow these steps:

🛸Download and install the led Notification  app from the Google Play Store or a trusted third-party source

🛸Grant the app notification access permission and disable ambient display to ensure proper functionality

🛸Exempt the app from battery optimization settings to prevent it from being force-closed during standby

🛸Customize the LED colors, animation time, position, and size according to your preference

🪂Select specific apps for notifications by going to the “Apps” section within the led Notification  settings

For advanced settings, consider upgrading to the Premium version, which offers additional customization options like modifying LED size

Remember, the app’s functionality may vary depending on your device’s operating system and version

Upcoming updates

The led Notification app, developed by XanderApps, is a notification LED application for Android devices that allows users to customize their LED notification light.

It offers features such as selecting which apps to receive notifications from, customizing LED colors, animation time, position, and size, and displaying the charging indicator.

The app is free and lightweight, working on Android 9.0 or above, with a premium version available for additional features. Users need to disable ambient display and battery optimization, and grant notification access permission to start using the app.

The app has been praised for being a game-changer, especially for devices lacking a dedicated LED notification light. However, concerns about screen burn-in have been raised due to the app’s nature of keeping the notification dot in the same place for an extended time. A setting to randomize the dot’s position is available to prevent burn-in.

New features

The latest version of the led Notification  app, version 2.2, offers several new features and improvements for Android users. These enhancements include the ability to customize the LED animation time, LED colors, LED position, and LED size, with the premium version unlocking all features.

The app also includes a missed call notification feature and the option to add downtime. led Notification is designed for Android devices with AMOLED displays, transforming the screen into a blinking beacon for incoming notifications, offering a visually captivating way to receive alerts.

It is compatible with Android 8.0 or higher and has been praised for its user-friendly interface and ability to improve the functionality and enjoyment of everyday mobile interactions.

To troubleshoot common issues with the led Notification app, consider the following steps:

Check notification settings: Ensure that notification access permission is granted to the app and that the “Show on lock screen” permission is enabled in other settings

Disable battery optimization: Disable battery optimization for the led Notification  app to ensure it can function properly

Enable AutoStart: For MIUI 11 devices, ensure that AutoStart is enabled in App Info

Disable ambient display: Disable ambient display and any other battery optimization for the app to prevent conflicts

Select apps for notifications: Choose the apps you want notifications for and assign a color to each

Check for updates: Regularly check for updates to the app, as developers may release fixes for known issues

Disable LED for the “Phone App”: Do not enable the LED for the “Phone App” to avoid interference with incoming calls

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot common issues with the led Notification  app and ensure it functions properly on your Android device.

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The led Notification  app’s disclaimer on Google Play underscores critical details about data privacy and security measures, underscoring the developer’s accountability in handling and sharing user data.

It acknowledges that data privacy and security practices may vary based on the user’s geographic location, age, and app usage, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and user awareness of data management practices.

Furthermore, the disclaimer outlines the categories of data that the app may share with third parties, including location and financial information, and emphasizes the encryption of data during transmission, providing users with a clear understanding of how their information is managed within the app’s ecosystem.

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