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How to find friends location in your Mobile

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Find friends  Location By WhatsApp messages 

Phone number location finder apps can offer a variety of features, but it’s important to remember that they have limitations and ethical considerations. Here’s a breakdown of some common features:

Core Functionality:

Reverse Phone Lookup: Identify the name and general location (city, state) associated with a phone number. This often relies on public databases or crowdsourced information.

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Caller ID: Show the name and details of the caller during an incoming call, even if it’s not saved in your contacts.

Spam Call Blocking: Automatically block identified spam calls.

Additional Features:

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Real-time Location Tracking: Show the phone’s current location on a map (often with limited accuracy). This usually requires the phone owner’s consent or participation in a location-sharing service.

Call Recording: Record phone conversations for reference or security purposes. Legality varies by region, so check your local laws before using this feature.

Detailed Caller Information: Access additional information about the caller, such as social media profiles or public records. This information might not always be accurate or available.

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Business Search: Look up information about businesses associated with phone numbers.

Important Considerations:

Accuracy: Location data may not be precise, especially for mobile phones.

Privacy: Be mindful of privacy concerns when using these apps. They often require access to your contacts and call history.

Legality: Some features, like real-time tracking, might raise legal issues in certain situations.

Cost: Some apps offer free basic features, while others require a subscription for premium

Find Person Location By Phone Number

Waloc – Reply automatically with your recent GPS location through WhatsApp on a specific WhatsApp message.

Waloc can be used for lots of reasons:

⭐ Family locator – each family member can install the app, define a specific message that Waloc will reply automatically with the current location to that message through WhatsApp

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⭐ Phone locator – find your own device if it gets lost from any device (laptops, iphones, etc) that is using WhatsApp

⭐ Car locator – if your car has a built-in android system you can install the app there, define a specific message and Waloc will reply with the recent location through WhatsApp whenever that message being sent

Waloc returns the location of the device for a specific WhatsApp message that you define and sends a location URL through WhatsApp that shows the device location on Google Maps

⭐ Returns location automatically on a specific WhatsApp message

⭐ Returns device battery level and/or network signal quality with the location (configurable)

⭐ Battery friendly app – does not consume any battery power

It’s so simple that you will be amazed.

So why wait?

Locate what you need with Waloc – GPS Locator for Whatsapp


⭐ Install the app on the device that needs to be found

⭐ Open the app and create a message trigger that triggers the app to send the last location of the device through WhatsApp automatically

⭐ Send the message to that device through WhatsApp and recieve the location back.


🌈 We do not store or collect your data.

🌈 We believe in transparency and honesty.

🌈 Location is transferred via WhatsApp in the secure (encrypted) channels.

🌈 We don’t send your data to our servers. We don’t have access to your entries. Also, any other third-party app can’t read your data.

1. Download and Install the App:

Visit your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS).

Search for “Find Location by Phone Number” or similar keywords.

Select the app you want and tap “Install.”

2. Grant Permissions:

Open the app and allow necessary permissions, typically:

Location services

Contacts access (to locate numbers from your contacts)

3. Enter the Phone Number:

Locate the field to enter the phone number you want to track.

Type in the number accurately.

4. Initiate Tracking:

The app will usually attempt to locate the phone using various methods, including:

GPS signals (if available and enabled on the target phone)

Cell tower triangulation (estimating location based on cell towers the phone is connected to)

Wi-Fi network information

The process may take some time, depending on the app and available data.

5. View Location:

If successful, the app will display the phone’s approximate location on a map.

Some apps may offer additional features like:

Location history

Real-time tracking updates

Geofencing (alerts when the phone enters or leaves specific areas)

Important Considerations:

Consent and Legality:

Always obtain consent from the phone owner before tracking their location.

Use these apps ethically and responsibly, respecting privacy laws and regulations in your region.


The accuracy of location information can vary depending on:

GPS signal strength

Cellular network coverage

Wi-Fi availability

Location settings on the target phone

Remember: I cannot guarantee the effectiveness or safety of any specific app. Exercise caution and use these apps responsibly.

Remember, use these apps responsibly and ethically. Always respect people’s privacy and only use them for legitimate purposes.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I’m unable to provide specific instructions without knowing the exact app you’re using. However, I can offer general guidance on using apps designed to find a phone’s location by number:

What’s New features:

Added new features including premium features – play beep sound

* Removed app notifications for Android 12+

* Added a fun zone section

* Improved app size

* Bugs fixes

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