How To Translate WhatsApp Messages Any Languages

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Screen Translator Offline translation text on the screen, a lot of languages

Translate On Screen (Screen Translate) translates text right on the screen, Translate anytime, anywhere, even when you are surfing the web, playing games
Translation is free offline and secure.We provide the latest machine learning to recognize text on screen.

📲Support more than 100 languages.

– Features:
* Translate on other apps
* Translate text right on the phone screen
* Translate game screen
* Bubble Translation floating on the screen
* Screen translate offline is the best
* Scan and translate text on the screen
* Recognize text by click
* In chat mode, app use Accessibility Service to be able to autofill EditText after translation and recognize text

Translate text and conversations in more than 100 languages

Translate All – The best Translation Tool and Dictionary for more than 100 languages.
An amazing translator you should try! Helps you to understand all languages.

Translate all langue – Voice text translator is so cool for language conversion and translation. A little words translator app offers world languages package. Free live text translator app is hall mark for speech and written content exchange. Universal language speech translator is signified for translation from English to Spanish, English to Hindi, English to French, Chinese to English, Arabic to Swedish, interpretation from Dutch to Chinese Simplified

Highlights for magical Translator

• Words and sentences translate
• Voice messages, audio and recording conversion
• Text and written content language translation
• Globally recognizable free language translator
• More than 100 real time languages appearance
• Microphone feasibility for speech and verbal language exchange
• Complete meaning and history of the word with reference

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foreign language quickly

Do you want to master a foreign language quickly? Want to learn a foreign language but don’t know where to start? Come to Hi Translate, start the first step of language learning! Hi Translate can help you master language learning methods faster, and join the ranks of tens of millions of language learners, learning English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and other 135 languages. Believe in Hi Translate, fall in love with Hi Translate!

Integrate language translation learning into real life:

🙋 Introduce yourself
🍝Go to the restaurant to order food
👫 Chat with foreign friends
🚶 Ask for comments
🚌Buy travel tickets
💻Talk to clients and give demos
🚕 Taking a taxi abroad
🏢 Hotel reservations
🛫 sign in

135 languages for you to translate and learn:

✔️ Learn English
✔️ Learn French
✔️ Learn Hindi
✔️ Learn Spanish
✔️ Learn Portuguese
✔️ Learn Russian
✔️ Learn German
✔️ Learn Korean
✔️Learn Japanese
✔️ Learn Arabic
✔️ Learn Thai
✔️ Learn Turkish
✔️ Learn Bengali
✔️ Learn Urdu
✔️ Learn Persian
✔️ Learn Vietnamese
✔️ Learn Burmese
📚 More languages are waiting for you to explore!

Don’t worry even if you are already using other language translation learning software, HiTranslate will help you learn foreign languages better and let you master the second language faster!

Some of the languages are:

Irish, Azerbaijani, Amharic, Albanian, Armenian, Yiddish, Igbo, Uighur, Galician, Kannada, Kinyarwanda, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Nepali, Hausa, Pashto, Basque, Hawaiian, Punjabi, Gujarat, Khmer, Kurdish, Xhosa, Corsica, Javanese, Georgian, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Zulu, Scottish Gaelic, Sunda, Cebuano, Sotho, Somali, Tagalog, Tajik, Tatar, Chewah, Frisian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Uzbek, Esperanto, Oriya, Kazakh, Marathi, Malagasy, Malayalam, Myanmar,

Localized in many languages

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Android Talkback is supported, and improved navigation for accessibility.

Perfect if you want to learn a new language, travel to a foreign country, or chat with people who don’t speak your language.

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wait for Download Link few seconds 

Internet connection required to use app, microphone permissions are required for voice translations, push notification permissions are required for helping you discover new languages while traveling and receiving the latest updates from the Say HI team.

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